Review on “a closer listen”

Great REVIEW of Anemine’s new album on acloserlisten:
acloserlisten logo How does one react upon hearing the news that a favorite novel has inspired an album?  At first, with trepidation, the same reaction one might have toward a film version.  And then, if the project is worthy, relief, followed by gratitude.
 Cologne duo Anemine was inspired by Alessandro Baricco’s Oceano Mare (Ocean Sea).  The album title (translation: SeaWidths) is a German play on words.  The 1993 novel plays with expectations of narrative and flow, imitating the sea through its prose.  The setup may be relatively simple ~ a group of unrelated characters converge at the Almayer Inn, and their mysteries are gradually revealed.  But the originality of Barrico’s characters and the elegance of his writing makes this work a modern classic.  Anemine brings the themes of the novel to life while retaining its mysterious nature.  At first, the album seems disjointed due to its many styles – but everything comes together in the end, just as it does in the novel.l….