Anemine is an Electronic/Ambient project by Alexander Hardt and Roman Weingardt from Cologne.

During a long-standing collaboration, Anemine has developed its very own sound aesthetic. Most of the sounds, the two guys are using, arise out of their own made samples, self-developed software and field recordings. Elements of improvisation and collage pour equally into the process of sound composing.

Since its foundation in 2003, collaborations with other artist have been part of the projects work. Anemine has realized two stage programs with the spokeswoman Susanne Rump in the period since 2008. Live electronics, soundscapes and staged reading merge into an unique expression. Their last collaboration was inspired by the novel “Oceano Mare” by Alessandro Baricco, resulting in the album “MeeresWeiten”. The album name is a German play on words, it literally means “SeaWidths”. 
The dreamlike images, that Alessandro Baricco draws in his novel, are reflected on the album in 11 scenes. Packed in a soundtrack-influenced aesthetic, piano and bayan harmonies flow together. Song structures are traversed by fine-tuned sounds and a subtle veil of noises. Thereby, a soundscape took shape, that appears with a mysterious, colourful and intoxicating expression.